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Its high protein value make Crucox a snack especially recommended for athletes, and people who want to eat a healthy diet without giving up the pleasure of a tasty snack.

Each bag of 25 grams is equivalent to a beef fillet of 70 grams, retaining all the properties of meat. It is also a source of high biological value proteins and it contains a low content of fat, carbohydrates and calories.



Crucox is the perfect aperitif to snack between meals in a healthy way without neglecting the line, while allowing you to enjoy the taste of beef jerky in the most tasty way. At work, in the gym, as a snack for the little ones… Always take it with you thanks to its convenient snack format ready to go.


Become the most original chef by incorporating crucox beef snacks into your culinary recipes. Perfect for salads, omelettes, pizzas, salmorejos … enjoy the authentic flavor of the cecina de Leon in a convenient format ready to add to your dishes and surprise your guests.

High in protein

Its high protein content makes Crucox a recommended snack for athletes during and after exercise, facilitating muscle recovery. A perfect alternative to protein shakes and energy bars.
It is also recommended for all those who want to eat a healthy diet without giving up the pleasure of cecina. Ideal as a complement to protein diets, a crucox bag provides the necessary satiating effect to continue the day.
As a complement to protein diets, its high protein content causes a satiating effect.


Enjoy the authentic flavour of cecina de León in a practical, fresh format, ready to take away and serve. Crucox will become your best ally if you are looking to offer a snack with delicious, healthy and natural appetizers. Get the most flavour by combining it with a wine, beer or soft drink. You’ll love it!


IInnovative and surprising slices of dehydrated beef, like crunchy chips, will delight young and old. Available in different flavours.


Even if you have the sensation of eating a potato chip, what you are actually ingesting is a protein-based product free of trans fats that has not been fried with oil but dried, and in addition to healthy preserves the original taste of the sausage.


Snacks of extruded meat that has been dehydrated to obtain a smooth texture and very easy to eat, as if it were a liquorice.


They are perfect for a snack or an aperitif that provides the necessary amount of protein minimizing the maximum sugar content.


Tasty and healthy to enjoy anywhere, anytime.

Ready to dress salads or dishes such as omelettes, pizzas, salmorejo …

Helps muscle recovery, during and after exercise. The perfect substitute for protein shakes and energy bars.

Delicious and lightly salted, they are perfect as an aperitif with wine, beer or soft drink.